My Bosmer thief/assassin character in Skyrm

This took 12 days on and off but I’m finally done

Made with Mischief

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"I am Groot!"

A WIP I suppose

Made with Blender

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I went to the lagoon today. It can be such a beautiful, peaceful place, this speedpaint doesn’t do it justice.

Made with Mischief, ~1 hour

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A chair
A WIP of Falchion
A bottle of Coke

Made with Blender.

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Made with Mischief, tweaked in Photoshop.

WIP for the mischief challenge

Maybe hopefully will be done by Sunday

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Queen Clarion and Lord Milori

Experimented with different coloring techniques on this one.

Painted in Mischief, touch-ups in Photoshop.

I think I finally feel confident enough about this piece to show a WIP

So I finally got around to trying out Sculptris

The interface takes a bit of getting used to - the lack of a redo button especially (seriously, why is there no redo button?) but I’m really excited about the possibilities

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Lazorgator: I dragged my team across 2 regions because I blamed Helix for the deaths of my friends and wanted revenge

Helix: I am Helix

Credit ♥